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ASKT Shavuot Schedule 5777

Tuesday, May 30th:

Leil Shavuot
Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Food and Fun – All night long!
All Night Learning and Games for Teens and Pre-Teens 
"Up All Night BBQ" Grilled by Elisha Karan
BBQ and Brew and Snacks for the Whole Night Thru! 
Sponsored by Susie Gidan, in memory of her son, Michael Carl Kovnar o”bm & her parents Eric and Trudy Gidan, o”bm

11:30pm: Shiur #1: Adults - Yehuda Tebbitt "Karov le-Malkhut": Can Ivanka and Jared "Trump" the Halakhah?
Kids - A Bracha Bee and Jewish Trivia contest run by Benji Posner and Avi Pullin!
12:30am: Not So Trivial Pursuit Game
12:55am: BBQ in full swing!
1:25am: Shiur #2 Adults - Betzalel Karan
Slot #2: Kids - All the things you always wanted to ask about but were afraid to - with Rabbi Kalmar
2:10am: Not So Trivial Pursuit take 2     
2:30am: BBQ last call
2:40am: Adults Shiur #3: Ben Karan - The Atheists Prayer
Slot #3: Kids - Game with Betzalel Karan
3:25am: Not So Trivial Pursuit - Final Pursuit
3:45am:  Shiur #4:   Phil Arieff - Gemara Shabbos

Wednesday May 31st - Morning - First Day:
4:40 am:   Shacharit (First minyan)
5:15 am:   HaNeitz HaChama (Sunrise)
9:00 am:   Shacharit (Second Minyan)   Drasha: Rabbi Nachman Levine

Wednesday Afternoon:
5:30pm: Cheese and Dessert Delight at the home of Melissa Pachon Tepper - Class led by Rebbetzin Jessica Kalmar for Women only

8:10pm: Mincha Divrei Torah from Hillel High School Boys
Candle Lighting: after 9:05pm

Thursday, June 1st - Morning - Second day of Shavuot
9:00am: Shacharit
9:45am: Megillat Rut 
10:45 am Yizkor Sermon
11:00am Yizkor
Afternoon Shavuot Learning Program
6:30pm: Dessert Extravaganza and Shmoozing
7:00pm: Shiur by Rabbi Kalmar – Our Relationship to Modern Day Jerusalem – Should we still Pray for the Rebuilding of Jerusalem?
7:45pm: A little more dessert and shmoozing
8:10pm: Mincha   
8:25 pm (after Mincha):  Divrei Torah
9:00pm: Maariv    
Havdallah: 9:07 pm

June 11th at 7:00pm: ASKT 2017 Annual Event & Fundraiser
Mind Over Mortgage
Dessert will be served.
Burning our Mortgage
Featuring Sidney Friedman - World renowned Mega-Mentalist
July 3rd at 1:10 pm: Brewers tailgate

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